When it comes to starting a home renovation project in the GTA, clients need to choose the material they want to use for their replacement windows and sliding patio doors: vinyl, aluminum, and wood hybrids.

The majority of Toronto window replacement is with vinyl windows. Vinyl is a cost effective, energy efficient, and hardy material that works well with home renovations and new builds. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Vinyl is the Renaissance Man of window materials!

Windows with a vinyl frame have several thermal breaks to keep your home the ideal temperature, whether it is summer or winter, direct sun or shade. There is no wood used in the manufacturing of these windows, so there is very little chance of warpage or water damage. We can even provide vinyl jambs for windows in the shower or other high-humidity areas of your house.

Ultimately, most clients go with vinyl windows. However, there are other materials to choose from to meet your needs and style.

Aluminum windows are a popular alternative to vinyl. They are slim-line windows, which means that the frame is smaller than a vinyl or wood-hybrid window. This in turn creates a more sleek, modern look for your home. Black aluminum windows really add to this style.

Like vinyl, aluminum windows contain no wood and do not require painting. They are low-maintenance windows that offer a slimmer profile than other window materials.

Another option is wood hybrid windows. These are windows with real wood interiors and aluminum exteriors. While more expensive, wood hybrids create an elegant interior to add to the timeless look of your home. These windows can be stained or painted for whatever look you hope to achieve.

While wood on the inside, wood hybrids are aluminum on the outside. This adds to the durability of the product. They are much less likely to wear, and require much less maintenance than traditional wood windows.

Like windows, sliding patio doors come in vinyl and aluminum, and like windows, vinyl is the most popular choice. Vinyl patio doors come in two-, three-, and four-panel designs. They can have grilles, simulated divided lights (SDLs), and interior blinds. They are a cost effective, low maintenance, and energy efficient option for your patio doors.

Aluminum lift and slide patio doors offer the same options as vinyl, with the main difference being the available size and number of panels. While a 12-foot vinyl patio door would need four panels, a 12-foot aluminum sliding door would only need two panels.

This means that your view is mostly unencumbered by door frames, offering more glass and more natural beauty to be seen inside. Aluminum offers an absolutely gorgeous alternative to the more traditional vinyl frames.

As you prepare for your home renovation project, there are many things to consider. The material you choose for your windows and sliding patio doors is just one of them!

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