Smart Home Automation for Your Lifestyle

With over 30 years of expert experience, Home Guru pioneers smart home automation, crafting intelligent solutions that redefine comfort and security in your living space.


What is Smart

Home Automation?

Smart Home Automation lets you effortlessly control your home with a touch or voice command. At Home Guru, we’re committed to making your life easier, safer, and more enjoyable through a user-friendly system. Compared to other home automation tech, ours is simplified for daily use and personalized screens for individuals, not the whole.

Smart Home Brands for a Better Living

Discover leading smart home brands offering unique solutions. Ready to elevate your home? Reach out to us for a smooth installation experience!

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Movie Night, Every Night: Home Theatre  

Upgrade your home entertainment without the movie theater price tag! Picture a cozy couch, a massive 160” projector screen, and immersive surround sound seamlessly integrated into your smart home system. Say goodbye to expensive popcorn and hello to movie nights without leaving the house!

The cost of a home theatre can vary widely depending on your chosen equipment and the size of your screen/room. With an automated system, you can tie in the lights to dim when you start watching and come on when the movie is paused or stopped. You can also set it to pause your movie when the doorbell rings and show who is at your door. If you expect a friend, you can unlock the door and let them in with a touch of the remote.

Cost-Effective Luxury

Elevate your home entertainment without the premium price tag. Our automated system not only offers significant savings on traditional theater costs but also delivers a seamless and convenient viewing experience.

Versatile Viewing Spaces

Enjoy your preferred content in any room of your choice. Our smart home integration ensures a flexible and personalized viewing experience, catering to the diverse preferences of every family member.

Effortless Hosting Solutions

Hosting movie nights or gatherings becomes effortlessly refined with our system. From ambient lighting control to remote door unlocking, our features streamline the hosting process, allowing you to focus on enjoying the company and the cinematic spectacle.

Elevate Home Entertainment

Unleash the power of music in every corner of your home with a cutting-edge music entertainment system. Say goodbye to the hassle of dragging around Bluetooth speakers and welcome a seamless experience where multi-zone areas surround you in your favourite rite tunes.

Inside or outside, for leisure or entertainment, while prepping food, dancing with loved ones, or unwinding in the bath – the possibilities are endless. For music lovers, this isn’t just about sound; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that resonates with joy and relaxation. In a world where home entertainment is as paramount as security and perhaps even more cherished than energy savings, indulge in a symphony that enriches every moment.

Convenience and Connectivity

Say goodbye to the hassle of dragging Bluetooth speakers. This system adds value by providing a hassle-free, connected experience that follows you seamlessly throughout your home.

Personalized Ambiance

Enjoy the value of crafting your desired atmosphere for any occasion – be it a lively party or a relaxed evening – enhancing your overall experience.

Effortless Entertainment

Elevate your lifestyle with a music system that effortlessly blends into your daily activities, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Smart Home Automation – Advantages 

Family-Friendly Solutions

Simplify family life with intuitive controls. Set up custom profiles for each family member, automate lighting and entertainment preferences, and receive notifications for added peace of mind.

Travel Confidence

Enjoy worry-free travel with a smart home that mimics your living patterns. Activate vacation mode to enhance security and save energy, all at the touch of a button.

Lighting Design

Transform your home’s ambiance with customizable lighting presets. Set the mood for different occasions and seasons, and save on energy costs with automated lighting control.

Energy Savings

Enjoy lower monthly costs with automated systems that optimize energy consumption. Lights, thermostats, and other devices work together to create an energy-efficient home.

Security and Safety

Protect your loved ones with advanced security features. Receive alerts for unexpected events, control door locks remotely, and ensure your home is safe and secure.

Entertainment Hub

Immerse yourself in the ultimate entertainment experience. Create music zones, design a home theater with automated lighting and sound, and enjoy seamless entertainment throughout your home.

Your Smart Home Journey Starts Here

Explore the endless possibilities of Home Guru’s smart home automation solutions. Contact us to design a customized system that aligns with your needs, making your home truly intelligent and responsive. Welcome to a new era of comfortable, secure, and efficient living with Home Guru.